Another Attack

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written. A lot has happened. It happened again. My anxiety attack. I’ve been struggling with such severe anxiety since you left us Austin, and I still can’t control any of it. I’ll start with a dream I had of you recently.  You were young, very young.  Maybe 3 or... Continue Reading →

The Aftermath

You follow me everywhere I go. But I can never feel you, I know you are there. Will I ever be able to feel you, at all? I had another harsh wake up yesterday.  I had a dream about you, and then I woke up.  It was so real. You were exactly how I remembered you.... Continue Reading →

Bravest Soul

One of the rarest, most beautiful things about you Austin was your ability to see past everything.  You never saw someone who had a disability, who was ill, or who had a deformity.  You saw them for their soul. You could look at someone and see the true person they were, despite their physical appearance.... Continue Reading →

An Exhausting Everyday Battle.

I am so mad. I just want to scream. I want to scream at this world, this awful place that you couldn’t live in. I have so much inside of me. So much anger, sadness, loss and hopelessness. It’s so hard to control, it’s so hard to function each day. The rollercoaster of emotions is... Continue Reading →

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